Wednesday, May 29, 2013


With 23 kids, there is a lot going on here everyday.  Appointments.   Several different school schedules. Employee's schedules.  To name a few.  Most of the time, between Karen, Nicole and I, everything gets done and works well, but once in a while, we forget something.

Maria asked me this morning if she could get her pay today.  Friday is payday and, after her shift today, she would not be back until Sunday.  I told her yes.  She gets off at 4:00.  I had plenty of time.  I had many interruptions today.  I thought about her pay a couple of times.

The group came at 3:00.  I opened the store.  And then, I was just sitting outside visiting..  At 4:15, Nohemy walked up and said,"Maria.""  I didn't even let her finish.  I jumped up and ran to get her time sheet and ran to my house and got her pay ready. 

That was the little oops and was easily fixed.

I paid Maria and checked her out.  As  I was walking across the cancha, Nicole says we forgot Any and Josue.  I looked at her and said forgot them where.

Any and Josue go to afternoon kindergarten.  Mirian leaves at 1:15 and walks them over.  They get out at 4:00.  I used to go for them all time.  Now, Karen goes some.  Doris goes some.  Dilma goes some.  The kindergarten teacher called Mirian and said is Karen coming?  Mirian said coming where?    The teacher said for Any and Josue.  Mirian then asked Karen if she was going for the kids and Karen said what kids.   Dilma and Doris were both helping with homework.  The end of kindergarten slipped every body's mind. 


I don't think any of us will get Mother of the year.

Yvette, the teacher took them home with her and then someone from here went to her house. 

We probably won't forget the kindergarteners again.

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