Saturday, May 4, 2013


Katherine is one of the girls Marc met at the dump.  She is 19 or 20.  She is pregnant.  Very pregnant.  Her baby is due any second.  Katherine doesn't have much family.  Her brother is in prison, as is the baby's father.  Thursday night, she thought she was going into labor.  Multiple times she thought that.  And she called Marc each time.  No one in this house got much sleep that night.

I got up early Friday morning, read my Bible, worked out and was rushing through the rest of my morning when,to my great surprise, Katherine walked out of a bathroom.  Little did I know, there had been a laboring woman in my guest bedroom. 

She kind of hung around yesterday.  Marc took her back to town to get clean clothes.  She decided to stay in town and told Marc she would call if anything changed.  I hoped and prayed that Friday night would not be a repeat of Thursday night. 

Marc has been in town all day today.  Of course, he has checked on Katherine several times.  She called this afternoon in a panic.  Her contractions has stopped.  Marc took her to Hospital San Felipe.  Her blood pressure is extremely high and she was rushed by ambulance to Hospital Escuela.  She may need an emergency c-section.  She is scared. 

Marc is in the waiting room at Hospital Escuela.  He will be there until...   We don't know how long he will be there.  But, he wants her to know she is not alone.  That someone cares for her.

Please pray for Katherine, for her health and the health of the baby.


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