Sunday, May 5, 2013

San Lorenzo

Friday is Matt and Nicole's day off.  Mine is usually Tuesday.  Last week payday fell on Tuesday, so I worked.  Wednesday was the first and that means grocery day.  I decided to take my day off on Friday.

We sort of took the day off and sort of worked.  We went down to order new lenca pieces for the store.  We enjoying going down there.  And the lady loves Haley.  She loves Emma Kate now.  Until Friday, she had not met Emma Kate.

Where we go to buy our lenca is much further south than Santa Ana, therefore, it is hot.  There is one place we stop to get something to drink and use the bathroom, then we go on to the lenca shop.  I will say, we have some nice new pieces ordered.

Since it was our day off, we drove on to San Lorenzo for lunch.  San Lorenzo is a port town on the Pacific.  And, San Lorenzo has some of the best sea food restaurants.  We also discovered, some of the best frozen lemonades.  And, there were no free refills.  Not that we really cared as hot as it was.

Nicole's lunch

Grammy is having more fun than Emma.

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Donna said...

It must have been a hot and tiring day for Haley. I think this is the first picture that I haven't seen her smiling!