Thursday, March 21, 2013


This year we have two kids in kindergarten, Any and Josue.  Any turned 5 on February 24 and Josue turned 5 on February 25.  They are both so little.  And they are so cute with their little backpacks.

Kinder starts at 1:30.  Someone leaves here with Any and Josue around 1:15.  Josue eats lunch and gets ready for kinder.  He then puts his backpack on struts around for a few minutes.  He is cute.

As they walk along, they laugh and giggle and talk.  

The other day, when eleven kids went to the dentist, we arrived home at 1:30.  Nicole and I decided by the time we ate lunch, we would not worry with getting the kids to kinder.  I was giving tylenol to the kids that had had a lot of dental work done.  There were great big tears flowing out of Josue's eyes.  Nicole said, "oh honey, is your little mouth hurting.  We will get you some medicine."  Through his tears and his sobs, Josue replies, "no, I just want to go to kinder.  I love it so much." 

We told him to finish eating and we got him to kinder.  I hope he always likes school as much as he does now.

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