Monday, March 11, 2013

Eye Clinic

For the first time ever, Honduras Hope has an vision care team this week.  This group is from Kansas.  Wichita, Topeka, and Dodge City.  Some members of the group have been here but never as part of an eye care team.  We are grateful they are here.

Saturday, they set up in the church building in Ojojona. 

Nicole spent her day off from Casa working as a translator.  She interviewed people and filled out the information in English so that the doctors would know what kind of problem each person was having.

Emma Kate greeted each person with a smile and helped her mommy all day.

We took five of our kids to the clinic for exams.

Brayan also worked all as a translator.  He helped with the English-Spanish translating and with the sign language with Rosy.

The doctors were very thorough.  It was interesting to watch them work and I was amazed that they would use their vacation time to do what they do every day.  And Saturday, the electricity was generator-powered as we were without electricity all day.  Welcome to Honduras.

At the end of the day 112  people had been seen.  Rosy, Nohemy and Maryuri needed glasses.  Ana and Brayan did not.  Nohemy has not taken hers off.  It has been a bit more difficult to keep Rosy's on her.

Sunday the group went to Danli and worked in small villages that had never had any kind of clinic.  Again, around 100 were seen.  Today and tomorrow, the clinic is being held at AFE.

I certainly hope this is not the last vision care team we have.


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