Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Haley And Grammy Day

I am pretty bad about taking my day off.  But, on Friday, I decided I would take my next day off.  I told Nicole and Matt that I wanted to take Haley to town.

I awoke early and jumped out of bed.  I was so excited about spending the whole day with Haley.  Haley was excited, too.  She dressed up so she could go to town with Grammy.

We left at 8:40.  We stopped at the airport so I could see a friend that was leaving.  Haley had not had breakfast, so she had a doughnut.  As much as I love doughnuts, I passed this time.  Marc had fixed me one of his big fluffy famous pancakes for breakfast.

There are always errands to be done when in town.  After Larach and PriceSmart, we were ready for the fun to begin.  We went to the mall.  I asked Haley what she wanted to eat.  Her reply, "chicken nuggets."  That's grammy's girl.  Always ready for a gourmet meal.  We ate at Wendy's.  Then Haley played in the play place for a while. 

After playing, it was time for shopping.  We went to Carrion first.  Haley is shoe girl, much like her mommy and grammy are. Haley found several pairs of shoes she liked, but none of them were in her size.  She almost cried.  I told her there were other shoes stores in the mall and we would find something. 

We went to Payless, which does not mean you will pay less.  I quickly glanced at her size and said nothing here, let's go somewhere else.  Haley said, "no.  I see what I want.  Aren't they beautiful?"   She was holding  some pink sparkly princess shoes.  She said that she liked them much more than anything in Carrion.We tried them on and they fit perfectly.  She told me she was not putting on her silver shoes.

She walked to the cash register bare-footed and the clerk he guessed she wanted to wear the new shoes.

She pranced around the mall in her new shoes.  And then, we went to Wal-Mart.   She wanted to get something for Emma Kate.  Together, we picked out a cute little outfit, which might be a little to big.  But Emma Kate will grow into it. 

Haley wanted some apples.  We went to the produce section.  We bought apples, plums (for Grammy) and grapes, green grapes.  "Oh, grapes.  Green grapes.  Please, Grammy."

We talked about it and decided we should head for Santa Ana.  But we thought a drink and cookies sounded like good things for the trip home.  We decided to stop at the Texaco.  Haley said that she wanted a bag of water to drink.  When we got to Texaco, I said if they don't have a bag of water, Haley is not going to cry, right.  She assured me she wouldn't; that she was a big girl. 

We walked into the Texaco and there was no bags of water.  She said," I want a fanta.  That is my favorite drink"  Whew.  That was easy.  I was thinking one pack of cookies to share.  But we wanted different kinds.  I bought two packs.  We each ate two cookies out of our packs and agreed to save the rest for tomorrow.

We started up the mountain.  Haley was in the back seat, chattering away.  All of a sudden, it grew really quiet back there.  Haley was sound asleep. 

We got back to Casa at 5:00.  That is a long day, even when I don't have a three year old with me.  I was exhausted.  But what fun we had today.

I should take my day off more often. 


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