Sunday, January 13, 2013

On The Road Again

We have had a pleasant time in Borger.  Eating.  Sleeping late. Eating. Watching the snow fall.  Eating.  Watching football.  Eating.  The last two days have been really, really cold, but there has been a fire in the fireplace and plenty of blankets.

Provided I can get all my stuff together and back in the suitcase, we will leave for Baton Rouge in the morning.  It is a long way from Borger to Baton Rouge, but we will be there a couple of days.  Then we will head to Nathan's again.  Grammy and Camille might need to work one more puzzle.  Next weekend we will be in Panama City for Gulf Coast Getaway. 

Next Monday, Marc will start his journey home.  I am going to Searcy.  It has been way too long since I was there.  Then I will come back to Borger for another week, before I go home. 

We have enjoyed worship the last two weeks.  I still have a couple of weeks of worship in English.

Thanks for the prayers as we travel.


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