Sunday, January 6, 2013


Dallas.  Big D.  Home of J.R. Ewing and Southfork.  At least in the 1980's.  Growing up in a small Texas panhandle town, I always thought of Dallas as the biggest city on earth.  Living in Lubbock in the 80's, I viewed Dallas as the city of glamour and glitz and new rich.  We thought we wanted to live there. 

We were in Dallas this weekend.  It is still the city of glamour and glitz.  Only more of it.  More big office buildings.  More lanes of traffic.  We were on an eight lane freeway and at least that many more lanes were being built.  I guess so everyone can rush to work of a morning and rush home at night. 

We enjoyed being with friends and awesome worship at Skillman this morning. 

I have good memories of Dallas.  Vacations.  Six Flags (the original).  Football games and shopping at Thanksgiving.  I still love Dallas and enjoyed being there this weekend, but I was glad to be headed north this afternoon.  North to the panhandle.  The panhandle always lovingly calls my name.  I have always been the type of girl that enjoyed the wide open spaces and the big sky of the panhandle as opposed to the glitz and tall buildings of Big D.

Late in the day, the dead gray mesquite trees were shining brilliantly with the setting of the sun.  Welcome home, Terri. 

We are in Borger with family this week.  And it feels so good to be here.

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