Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I am home.  Home in Santa Ana.  And it feels so good.

When I am in the States, there is never enough time.  Never enough time in Columbus. Or Borger.  For sure, never enough in Jackson.  One more jigsaw puzzle would have been fun.  This year not enough time at the beach or in Searcy or Shawnee, even though those places held sweet fellowship with dear friends.  I didn't have time to go see everyone I wanted to see or even call everyone with whom I wished to talk.  There were a lot of tearful goodbyes.  I talked to Camille two times yesterday.  And cried both times.

This morning when that alarm sounded at 5:30 eastern time (4:30 on my body clock), I rose with eager anticipation.  The anticipation of going home.  I closed those suitcases for the last time on this trip.  Even  with all the luggage, there was a quickness in my step. 

I boarded the plane and buried myself in a book for the last leg of my journey. 

The bitterness of good-byes was quickly replaced with a joyous homecoming.  Haley was the first person to step out to hug me.  Oh!  How I have missed Haley Bug hugs.  Then there was Nicole and Matt.  Marc.  Daniel.  And Heidy holding Emma Kate.  Even many of the airport people hugged me. 

Haley and I went for ice cream. 

When I got home, the Casa kids had gone for a walk.  I saw a few of them later.  Tomorrow there will be hugs from all of them. 

I am so glad to be home.  And soon, very very soon, I will be in my own bed.  My own sweet bed. 


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