Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Adventures With The Tindalls

Monday morning Marc and I both planned to leave early from Panama City Beach.  Marc was leaving for Honduras in a pickup and I was leaving for Borger via Searcy.  The Sunday night session at Gulf Coast Getaway was awesome and lasted long.  No one got to bed until after midnight.  Marc left at 3:37 a.m.  I was trying to decide to get up and get going.  The reason I was going to Searcy was to see a friend.  If I stayed in bed, I sacrificed visit time.  If I got up, I sacrificed sleep time.  At 3:55, my eyes popped open and as if my bed was a launching pad and my body was a rocket, I launched out of bed.  Marc and I had taken care of money and credit cards and such, but I was pretty sure he still had my keys. 

He did.  He had to turn around and come back.  That got me going.  After I had my keys in my hand, I was soon on the road.  It was a beautiful drive as the morning sun rose.  I enjoyed my short time in Searcy. 

Marc got to Laredo on Monday night and to Vera Cruz, Mexico last night.

It is a long, long way from Panama City Beach to Borger and two hard days of driving.  Thanks for the prayers.


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Jeanne said...

Praying for you both to have fun and safe trips, Terri! I enjoyed our time together in Panama City.