Friday, January 18, 2013

Through Thick And Thin

This is the time of year I spend the entire month working on contribution statements.  It is a boring, tedious job.  But, one that has to be done.  Every January, as I work on these contribution statements, I am reminded what awesome donors we have.

I am well aware that the economy in the US is not very healthy.  Yet, many of the donors of Casa de Esperanza and Honduras Hope keep on keeping on.  I am so appreciative of that sacrifice and the attitude of love. 

Casa de Esperanza was almost complete in December 2005.  We were not able to take our first children until June, 2006.  We had a few donors that began their contributions in January, 2006.  We were so grateful for them.  It is really hard to solicit funds for a children's home that has no children.  One of our current donors was the first one to sign on.  This donor has been faithful and never missed a month.  We have many long term donors and many newer donors.  We appreciate you all.

I just love your hearts when you fall in love with one of the Casa kids or the dump ministry or the feeding center or Melissa or Katherine's unborn baby.  Or when you want to help Luis and Karol and Kelin go to  college.  You find a way to give to these needs.  If we post of a special need for Casa or for an unpaid container, you respond generously. 

I wrote about a large donation we received at the end of the year.  We are so thankful for that.  But, we are just as thankful for the ladies that give ten dollars a month.  Those $10,000.00 donations are wonderful, but they are few and far between.  Those ten dollar or twenty dollar of one hundred dollar donations that come every month are just as important. .

Some have dug a little deeper in our leans times and have managed to hang on in their own lean times.  I thank you for loving something or someone in Honduras as much as we do.  And, some have hit such lean times, they can no longer send a donation..  I thank you, too for sending that check as long as you could.

I love all of these donors, and to you, a great big heartfelt thank you.



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