Thursday, January 3, 2013


2012 was a very good year for Casa de Esperanza and Honduras Hope.  Some amazing and wonderful things happened.  Some dreams came true and others came nearer to coming true.  And, personally, we had another granddaughter and Nathan and Julia moved to Jackson as Nathan took a new, better job.

A year with many victories also comes with many trials and defeats.  I wish I could say all trials were handled with grace.  Many times I failed miserably.  I know that.  I would pray that those same trials don't happen again.  But, if they do, I hope I learned something and grew and that next time I will handle those things a bit more maturely. 

Ministry is the most important thing we do.  But, to stay legal in both Honduras and the US, the business side of minstry is also important.  God has blessed me with the ability to do that.  With that in mind, as 2013 begins, my goals are conflicting.  The first one is that I get caught up with all the paperwork.  I believe in dreaming big.  The second one is that I take more time off.  Enjoy life.  Sip my coffee instead of gulping it to jump start my motor every day.  I need to focus more on relationships and less on receipts.  I hope and pray I can find a way to do both. 

This new year promises to be very exciting for both ministries.  Please pray for the ministries and for us as God unfolds his magnificent plans.  Pray that opportunities are seized and more dreams come true.


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