Monday, December 31, 2012

Year End

It has been quite a week.  We are blessed beyond measure with friends and family.  Many, many people prayed for Marc while he was in the hospital and having tests.  Praise God, nothing is seriously wrong.  I know many were praying for me, too.  Praying for peace and praying that I rested.  I felt your prayers.  We left the hospital and went to have Christmas with our kids and grandaughters.  With all things checking out, we left for the States as planned on Saturday.  We both ran around all day Friday trying to get things done.  We should have continued to pray that I would rest.  Friday went way into the night and Saturday started for me just a few hours later.

We both got on the plane exhausted.  We both need to rest.

We flew to Oklahoma City.  It always is good to be greeted by Kim and Pat.  As tired as I was, I still stayed up way later than I should have.  It is just so easy to keep talking with Kim. 

Sunday, we left for Memphis.  Camille was with her other grandparents.  We were friends with Mike and Martha long before our children fell in love.  Mike and Martha asked us to come there.  We had so much fun spending the night there.  We got to start Camille's birthday with her and we will get to end her birthday with her. 
Camille started her day with a birthday brownie for breakfast, made by Emmy.

We loaded the car, which was completely packed and made the short drive to Jackson.  My niece and great-niece also drove to Jackson.  We all met for lunch.  Chinese. 

After we finished eating, we came to Nathan and Julia's.  Camille had a big birthday surprise.  A new kitten.  She and Julia had been wanting that a long time.   Daddy finally gave in.

Julia bought the prettiest cupcakes.  And maybe the biggest cupcakes I have ever seen.
We all put ourselves into sugar induced comas.

The neighbors had some fireworks.
Camille enjoyed the fireworks.  Esther did not.

It has been a great day.  Family time.  Football.  Pizza.  Sitting around the chimenea.  Celebrating with the birthday girl.  Cupcakes.  More family time.  Resting.  Skying with Nicole, Haley and the Casa kids.  I am love-love-loving this.


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