Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Final grades are out for everyone.  Everyone passed, some by the skin of their teeth.  We have decided that even though Guadalupe passed, she would benefit from repeating first grade.  Everyone else will move to the next grade.

Some time ago, Byron and Pamela promised a special trip to town to the three kids with the highest grades.  Rosy had the highest overall average with 90.  Ana and Daniela tied with 82.  Nohemy had 80.   Pamela just could not stand it that Nohemy's grades were so close to Ana's and Daniela's.  Pamela insisted that Nohemy go too. 

The girls dressed for town and were treated to a movie, dinner and the arcade.  I am sure they  had fun. 

Congratulations to all of the kids and all of the staff who work so diligently on overseeing homework.

Next year we will be rewarding for good grades each partial and at the end of the year.  


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