Monday, December 24, 2012

The First Of Many Christmases

Last night began several days of Christmasing.  Karol and Kelin, Heidy, Melissa Lizeth and their children, Christina, Shtepany, Carla, Matt's family and and all of us had dinner at my house.

I really had fun preparing yesterday.  I kept making huge messes and wished Sisi was back to clean up after me.  I managed to keep things fairly clean and still have dinner ready on time.

I had a great time.  I hope everyone else did, too.

Marco Andreas and Emma.  That lasted until Marco Andreas bit Emma.
Baby April made her first appearance.  She was all decked out in Christmas attire.
The moms and the babies
Dinner consisted of chicken lasagne.  This pan gave a whole new meaning to deep dish lasagne.

And chocolate cake.  Heidy ate the biggest piece.

And M&M's.  Gabriel especially loved those M&M's.  He was one big sticky mess.
Last year, Fernando and Alejandro got cars.  When Gabriel opened his present, he proudly proclaimed, "My car!"

A new dump truck for Fernando
Blocks for Alejandro
Haley got princess shoes and a tiarra.
The blocks were a big hit,
even for a princess.

The girls all got scarves.  Karol and Kelin stayed to work on homework.  When I finished the dishes, both of them had their scarves wrapped around their necks and working away.


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