Thursday, December 20, 2012

Making Tortillas

Corn tortillas are a staple in Honduras.  Many places, they are served with every meal.  At Casa, they are served at lunch and supper.  For years, we have had a neighbor make our tortillas.  They would show up at the gate just about noon every day.  They weren't expensive.

After we built the outdoor stove, we decided the kids needed to learn to make tortillas.  There are several steps to making tortillas.  Every morning, someone has to take the corn to be ground.  Wood has to gathered, chopped, and brought down to the stove.  Dough has to be made, rolled, patted.  The fire has to be kept hot or the tortillas will stick.  It is quite a process.  I do want to go up some morning and see if I can learn to make tortillas.  It has to be better than grinding the beans. 

I did watch part of the process as the kids did it. 

Matt is starting the fire
We can dry shoes at the same time we cook tortillas

Ana says she can do every step now.  I think some of the other kids can, too.  Don't expect any prize-winning tortillas the day I do it.


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