Monday, December 10, 2012

Baby Showers

Melissa has worked for us for over a year.  Mostly for Marc. She has worked with the groups and everyone loves her.  She is so good with the groups.  Lately, she has been helping me a couple of days each week.  She is a hard worker, never slows down, and learns quickly.  I am enjoying spending this time with Melissa.

Melissa will soon have a baby.  Nicole and I gave her a baby shower.  Melissa did her own invitations, which was a new concept to us.  Nicole and I are so busy that we probably would not have had time to do them anyway.  But, by not doing them ourselves, we had no idea how many people had been invited.  We didn't think (possibly, I should end the sentence here, but I will go on) she knew many people since she grew up in a children's home and her only family consists of two sisters and four nephews.  Silly us.  We do live in Honduras.

We prepared or purchased food for the small number we thought would be there.  Fortunately, most invitees in Honduras bring their own food because we certainly would not have had enough.  And that would have been a new thing for me not to have enough food. 

The stated time for the shower to begin was 1:00.  We knew that would not happen, but we were surprised that it was 2:30 before the shower began.  People and food showed up from 1:30 until 3:30.  We did not know Nicole's house could hold so many people.  In the States, these events have become quite rushed.  We walk in, drop our present on the table, get some punch, speak to a few people and leave to rush on to the next event.  Not only did people come, they stayed.  And stayed.  Many had come from Tegucigalpa and, for some, that is quite a journey.  I liked the way people came and truly celebrated the event.  No one was in a rush.  Those that came had no other agenda but to celebrate the coming birth of Melissa's baby girl.

Melissa was more beautiful than usual, and beaming.

This is no where near all of the guests.

Haley wanted to help unwrap a couple of presents.

Then, last night the Childress group gave Melissa a little baby shower.  Lots of cute little girl things.  She was not expecting this.  She was surprised.  She was overwhelmed with gratitude and cried.

Melissa looks like she could have this baby any day, and she might.  But, the baby is breech.  We all need to pray that April turns herself into the right position.


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