Wednesday, December 12, 2012


December is the month for parties.  And, the kids have done just that.

The group from the bank came and threw a Christmas party.  It was a bitter cold, windy day.  Nonetheless, everyone had fun.  There were games, pinatas, food and gifts.

This bank group always does a party for the children at Christmas.  It is greatly appreciated.

The next weekend, everyone was treated to a trip to Pizza Hut by Pat and Kim Robinson.  Everyone loves to go to Pizza Hut, myself included.  There was playtime, pizza time and ice cream time.
This past weekend, the groups that were here had a bonfire with the kids, complete with hot dogs and marshmallows.  The kids always love a bonfire.  They were gathering the wood early Saturday morning.
I am always thankful I am not the one putting them to bed after a bonfire.
I love it when other people want to do things for our kids.   Thanks, everyone.


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