Friday, December 14, 2012

The Circus Goes To The Hospital -- Two Times

Several of the kids have had appointments with a pediatrician in Tegucigalpa.  And getting there was like a traveling circus.

Last week, the twins both had appointments.  Nicole was taking them.  Nicole has to take her baby with her as well.  It took two more adults, one for each baby, as well.  This appointment was late enough in the day that Haley went with us as well.

As luck would have it, the hospital parking lot was full and we had to park a couple of blocks away.  The parking place was so small, I could not open the door on my side.  Nor, could we open the back door on the same side.  After Nicole got out of the car, I crawled across and exited on the passenger side.  We had to take all three babies out of car seats and take them out on the same side.  Then, three adults, each carrying a baby and an assortment of diaper bags and purses, and a three year old, go in a herd up the street to the hospital.  Once the elevator doors close, all three babies start crying and all three adults start laughing.  Haley just looks at all of us. 

Nicole tried to nurse Emma before the doctor began seeing the twins.  Two adults, two babies for the doctor's visit.  I took Haley and Emma down to the coffee shop.  Haley and I had cookies.  Emma spit up all over me and all over herself.  I thought she did other things much worse, as well.  I would not even think of changing her in the coffee shop nor on the floor of the bathroom.  I found a waiting room with nice long seats and began changing her. 

Upstairs, Olman was screaming the whole time as Nicole tried to talk to the doctor.  When all was done, we herded ourselves back down the street to the car.  I decided it would be easier to back out of the parking place and let everyone else load.  When I did that, I completely blocked all incoming and outgoing traffic.

After everyone was loaded into the car, Haley rolls the window down and to a Honduran man says, "adios, vendeme, vendeme,"  which means, "good-bye, sell me, sell me."  For some reason, all of us roared with laughter.

Yesterday, Katy and Yair had appointments.  We thought two adults could manage with that crew.  Again, Emma Kate was going.  These appointments were earlier and we asked a couple of people to get Haley from school.  When no one was able, we checked her out early and she went with us.  I promised Katy if she was good, we would get her something to drink when we finished.  And, if she wasn't that everyone else would get something to drink and she could watch us drink.  Fortunately, she earned that juice box.

Fortunately, this time we were able to park in the hospital lot.  We just have to move this herd through the hospital, not down the street.  The doctor is running late.  No surprise.  Everyone has to have a drink of water.  Haley has to go to the bathroom and then announces to everyone that someone had blue pee-pee. 
Toys come out of the diaper bag. Emma's socks keep coming off of her feet.  Blankets.  Jackets.  I am tyring to keep all of our belongings together and contained.  Emma has to nurse.  Everyone needs another drink of water.  The receptionist is laughing constantly at all the antics.  Finally, the doctor arrives.  Nicole takes Katy and Emma in.  I stay with Haley and Yair.  When Katy comes out, Nicole hands Emma to me because she is screaming her head off.  I quieted Emma.

We herd back to the car.  I had to stop at the bank.  I went upstairs and Nicole stayed in the car with four kids.  Katy has to go to the bathroom.  Nicole makes her go outside of the car in the parking lot.  That looks like so much fun, Haley has to go.

When I returned, Nicole went across the street to get drinks for everyone.  My amazing daughter returned with a Dr. Pepper for me, which I badly needed by that time.  The ride home was fairly uneventful.  Thankfully.

Findings from the doctor were Olman is underweight, but not too much.  Josue is extremely underweight.  The doctor is not going to do anything about development issues until we get some weight on him.  He has tons of vitamins and both babies are on enfagrow for a while.  Katy, if she has ADHD, is on the very low end and he is not going to recommend Teleton for her.  We were glad to hear that.  Vitamins and minerals for her because she is so tiny.  Yair certainly is not underweight.  The doctor is recommending him for Teleton.  At three years old, he should be speaking, at a low end, 250 words.  He is no where near that.  Starting Teleton now is much better than waiting until he starts school.  He has a bad cold so we are nebulizing him before the asthma kicks in.  Most of these things were not surprised by.  Now, we just follow doctor's orders.  And, we are so thankful there are no more appointments for a while.


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