Sunday, December 16, 2012


This is the time of year for graduations.  There have been three this weekend.

Reina has been going to Teleton for four years.  She recently was evaluated and her teacher decided she could go to the next class.  Teleton does a really good job of building self-esteem.  There was a small graduation Friday afternoon for Reina and four boys.  Reina was so pretty and happy.  I was proud of her. 

Yesterday, was sixth grade graduation, which is a huge deal in this country.  Antonio was our only graduate this year.  He was quite handsome.  Karen and Dorian went to this graduation.

Last night, Marc went to Daniel's  graduation from high school.  Daniel started hanging out with the groups last summer.  Marc let it be known he did not have money to pay Daniel.  Daniel didn't care he liked being with the groups and he liked working.  He was such a good worker that he worked himself into a job.  Tonight, there was a dinner to celebrate his graduation.  We all got to go to that. 

Daniel and Emma Kate

Congratulations to these three for their accomplishments.


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