Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gulf Coast Getaway

Gulf Coast Getaway is a spiritually uplifting weekend for college students.  It is held every year in Panama City Beach on the MLK weekend.  It is my second time to be here.  Two years ago Casa de Esperanza was blessed by their Sunday night contribution.  This year Honduras Hope will be blessed with two summer interns, both of whom will be named tonight.

This year I was surprised how many people I knew.  I leave knowing a few more.  We have spent time and will spend for time with our good friends, Steve and Jeannie White.  We ate with Kyle and Karissa  and a small group from Middle Tennessee.  Sweet, sweet fellowship.

We have not had a table.  We have not taught classes.  We have not worked.  We needed that.  The lessons and worship have been so good.  This morning we had a reflective worship.  It was called Tai ze worship.  It was very deep and meaningful.  The community groups were a time for sharing on a deeper level.  There was some very good thoughts shared in mine.   I was much emptier than I thought.  I needed my cup filled.  I needed to be recharged and energized.  I have received that this weekend.

Today, is a perfect January day at the beach.  I took a long stroll, giving me a bit more reflective time.  I sit here listening to the gentle waves as they roll into the beach. 

I am thankful for this weekend of relaxation and rest, fellowship and recharging.


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Jeanne said...

It was a wonderful weekend indeed. Steve and I enjoyed getting to spend time with you and Marc, too. I'm praying for safe travels for you both!

Love you!