Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15, An Exciting Day

For some people January 15 is the day quarterly tax payments are due.  Not exciting.  For some, it means a day in a long weekend, for others it is payday.  Those things are exciting.  But today in Honduras is an exciting day.

We have talked about the blockmakers since August.  There was a lot of miles traveled to see the blockmakers, and a lot of money raised to buy them.  Then, there was a lot of waiting for the container to be released.  After church and lunch, a group from Dallas began digging the footers for the first block house.  Along with starting the footers, they just had to fire up the machine and make a few blocks.

Made with dirt and five per cent concrete, these blocks are much stronger than adobe.  The walls on these houses will be thick. 

I won't be at the house site this week, but I do hope for pictures to share as the house is constructed. 

We have dreamed about and talked about building better houses for years.  Today marks the beginning of that dream becoming reality.  Yes indeed, an exciting day.


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