Wednesday, January 11, 2012


As the work groups have become more numerous and the ministries  have grown, there has been need to hire some Hondurans.  Some work for Marc year round and some only work when groups are here.  The people Marc has hired are hard workers.  They also love what we do and they love the people that come here to work.  Kelin cries when every group leaves.  Sometimes, the people that come to work fall in love with the workers, too.  Once you know these people, it is an easy thing to fall in love with them.

Some groups and individuals love three of the workers so much, they are helping send Karol, Kelin and Luis to college.  One group is raising the money to send Karol and Kelin and one individual is helping Luis.  All three have registered for classes and begin next week.  All three went to the dump with Marc today.  Marc said it was so fun to listen to them talk about their classes and starting college. 

A great big thanks to the people involved for providing opportunities about which these guys dared not even dream.


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