Saturday, January 21, 2012

Victories and Defeats

Every one alive has good day and bad days.  Good weeks and bad weeks.  Then, there are those weeks that are both good and bad.  That definitely was this one.  Good and bad.

We learned a little boy at the dump was killed after he was hit by a garbage truck.  Oh, how I wish kids did not have to be in the dump.  Cars in and out of the shop. Yesterday, Jonathan was driving the green truck, the one Marc calls the burro.  The drive shaft broke and the car rolled.  Praise God that everyone is and will be ok. 

In addition to the passengers in the car being ok,  three more kids were rescued and brought home to Casa de Esperanza.  What a week it has been adjusting to babies.  Little Cris, who was so scared and confused on Tuesday, was jumping on the trampoline.  And laughing.  It was music to my ears. 

The first pressed earth block house was started and will soon be completed.   People were fed at the dump on Wednesday.  Today, 8640 manna pack meals were delivered to the feeding center in Nueva Oriental. 

The defeats and the victories this week have both been large and small.  It has been quite a week.  We all are tired.  And,very soon I am going to bed so I can get up and start all over tomorrow with the daily victories and defeats.  I thank God that He leads me through all of this.


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June Pumphrey said...

What a wonderful couple you and Mark are. May God continue keeping you in good health and give you the strength to keep on keeping on, you are doing such a great work and there are many stars in your crown.

We all love you,