Friday, January 13, 2012

Food Container

Marc and Milton have been trying for weeks to get two food containers released from customs.  Suffice it to say that Marc and Milton are both frustrated with the system right now.  After several days of promises saying the containers will be released today, one of two containers was released yesterday.  If you heard a loud roar coming from the south, it was the rejoicing as this container was released and unloaded.

There was 260,000 servings of food on that container.  Today Matt and Luis and some of the same people that unloaded that container yesterday,  began to unload some of the same cases out of the warehouse today so it could be delivered to hungry people.  About six thousand five hundred meals were delivered to Los Pinos and 43,200 were delivered to the IHNFA feeding center.  This feeding center feeds about 2500 kids a day.  Three and a half weeks of food will certainly help.

Praise God that this container was finally released and that hungry kids could immediately start receiving food.


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