Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Most Hondurans would rather play or watch soccer than any other sport.  A good game of baseball can always get my attention.  To watch, not play.

Saturday, the kids got up a game of baseball.  And they used whatever they could find.

An old table leg makes a great bat

and broken toys good bases

Daniela, the best athlete we have could hit the ball further than anyone.  Brayan was good, but he is not always a good sport.  Josue had trouble hitting the ball and I talked the older boys into helping him.  Hitting the ball is a lot more fun than striking out all the time.

Some places were not too safe for me and my camera.

We had a nice little cheering section.

Karen and I tried to teach them about balls. 

On Sunday, they removed second base because they said it was too far to run.  Ok, they made up some of their own rules.  But they still had fun.  And, I had fun watching them.


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