Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Birth Certificates

When Casa de Esperanza first opened its doors in 2006, we were so excited to start taking kids that we often took kids without all their papers.  IHNFA always promised they would get the papers to us.  We quickly learned that once IHNFA got the kids placed, the papers are not a priority. 

We took several sets of kids without complete papers before we learned to say no.  I don't remember at what point that Karen said we will not take any more kids without their papers.  When we told IHNFA no, they just gave us kids with papers.

Karen has worked diligently trying to getting everyone's birth certificates.  I remember when we got Nohemy's and Josue's.  That was huge.

Reina, Katy, and Fernando came to Casa in October 2006 and Doris joined them in May of 2008.  None of these kids had birth certificates.  IHNFA wrote a letter every year for us stating that they were working on getting the birth certificates.  This allowed us to get the kids in school. 

We knew Fernando had to have the birth certificate before he could graduate from 6th grade.  He is in 5th grade.  This was becoming more urgent to get this completed.

 Then the rules for the school changed and they had to have the birth certificates or  Fernando and Katy would be dropped from school.  Karen, Nicole and I have all explained we were trying.  The director talked to Karen about how important it was he had the kids' birth certificates again earlier this week.

In January, Dorian and the lawyer went to Danli to get the birth certificates.  They got to the point of having them ready to be printed and someone noticed one piece of information was missing on all four kids.  It was too late in the day to do anything about it.

Today Dorian and the lawyer went back to Danli.  Dorian called and said three of the kids were born in Olancho.  Karen and I were thinking they were going to have to go to Olancho, thus further delaying this.

It wasn't long before Dorian called and said he had all four birth certificates.  You may have heard Karen screaming for joy.  This completes the birth certificates.  All 23 kids have birth certificates. 

There were a few surprises.  Reina is 14 not 13.  Katy is 8 turning 9 on Sunday, not 10 and Fernando is 9 turning 10 in May, not soon to be 12.   Katy and Fernando are less than a year apart.  Doris is the age we thought she was and her birthday is the same.

With all 23 birth certificates under lock and key, there are some happy people at Casa de Esperanza tonight.


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