Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Lovely, Though Hot, Day In Copan

I am so glad we chose not to go somewhere hot.  If it was any hotter than it has been in Copan I think I would sweat to death.  I almost have any way.  

Early to bed and late to rise was my motto.  I slept all the way to 7:30.  After breakfast, we walked to the ruins.  We have seen the ruins before and we didn't spend a great amount of time there, but we enjoyed it immensely.

I love the scarlet macaws, the national bird of Honduras

We walked and climbed through the park.  There were hundreds of stairs up and down.  I climbed a few more than I absolutely had to.

I am always amazed at the intricacy of the statues and altars.

We walked back to town and bought granitas de cafe.  Can't beat caffeine and cold.

We found a nice little sandwich shop.  We had never eaten there before.  Good and cheap, our favorite requirements.

The afternoon agenda included the hot springs, which we found without a problem this time.

I could not wait to get under that waterfall.  I waded across the river.  That water is boiling hot.  It is coming from a hot spring.  Duh!  Where the hot water and the river met, felt good.  But each step closer to the waterfall got hotter.  Needless to say,  I did not get as close as I had planned.  After all the climbing this morning, it felt really good to put my right knee and leg in the hot water, then the cold water, then the hot a few times.

I also was going to walk across the swinging bridge and go see the spring.

The bridge was closed today and I did not want to see anything bad enough to scale those rocks.  When an old lady begin to take her skirt and blouse off in order not to get them wet, we decided it was time to leave. 

The road out there and back was as fun as the river. 

Another trip to Jim's Copan Pizza.  Ice cream.  And day is done.  And the trip is done.  It is time to go home tomorrow.

I love having a couple of days of relaxation with my husband.

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