Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Employee

We have a  new employee.  Actually, we have two new employees.  We hired Nelly to take Reina's place and she is working as the housekeeper/cook in Miran's house.

But, the employee I am really excited about is Deborah.  Karen heard about Deborah.  Nicole set up an interview with her.  She is going to be working four days a week and taking the kids to their Teleton appointments.  She has worked in a special needs orphanage and has a special needs niece.  Nicole liked her from the start.

Nicole has worked one week with her and is even more pleased.  She is very kind and gentle with the kids.

But there is more.  She speaks English.  She has taken classes in administration.  She is good in math.  Is this too good to be true? 

I talked to her this morning and she has agreed to work on Fridays when there is no Teleton appointments.  She going to help me with the never ending inflow of receipts. 

If am dreaming, please don't wake me up.  This is a good dream. 


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