Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Twins Go To Church

Josue and Olman live in a very secure environment.  In their house with the house parent.  They rarely go anywhere except to a doctor's appointment.  Neither of them does well when a new person enters the house or anything different happens.  Karen has been working hard on getting them outside for an hour a day so they can be around the rest of us and get used to being  around other people.

Olman is, by far, the worst.  He screams and cries and goes running for Mirian no matter who or what walks in the door.

Karen told Mirian is was time for her the twins to start going to church.  This morning was that time.

I was just a few steps behind Mirian when she walked in the church door with Olman.  Someone else had Josue and was right in front of Mirian.  The choir began to sing.  Only it wasn't a choir.  It was Josue and Olman screaming at the top of their lungs.  Olman was red in the face from screaming.  I looked at Marc and he was laughing.  I guess it was a little funny.

Pamela and Karen were able to calm long before Olman.  Olman never did completely stop crying. 

Let's just hope next Sunday is better.

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VIC'S PLACE said...

Consistency. When a child comes to my classfor the first time and cries for more than 15 minutes, we will go get one of the parents. We ill even let the parents stay. Usually after 3-4 weeks the child gets us to us and will stay without even crying for their parent. I'm sure it will take longer for the twins due to their situation but eentually they will come around. Consistency is the key. Good luck.