Friday, April 12, 2013

Vacation - Day 1

Yesterday morning we drove out the back gate a few minutes before 8:00.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  We stopped for gas.  Stopped to get a tire fixed.  These two things cannot be done at the same place.  We stopped at the airport to use the ATM and drove across Tegucigalpa.  As we left the city, I could feel the tension in my neck shoulders leaving.

We stopped in Siguatepeque for the bathroom and a drink.  I got a big bottle of cold water.  Little did I know how grateful I soon would be for both the bathroom stop and the water.

Everyone knows that Marc and I can't leave and get to our destination without incident. 

This is a mountainous country.  We often see trucks riding the brakes down the steep grades.  And smell their breaks burning.  As we passed one of these trucks, I commented I sure hope that is his brakes burning and not ours.

The good news is it was not our brakes.  It was our clutch. 

For those of you who can't read Spanish, it says Mechanic shop.  And, that is where we spent the next 10 hours.

There was a Texaco station within walking distance.  Marc walked down there.  I sat in the car and texted.  Marc said there was a restaurant next door.  The restaurant claimed to have everything.  Everything but chicken.  And bread.  And tortillas.  And french fries.  And a few other things.  Marc bought a hot dog at the Texaco for himself and chips and a Dr. Pepper for me.  I can't always find a Dr. Pepper in Teguicagalpa and Marc found one out in the middle of nowhere.  I was one happy person.

I have a very old phone.  It only has one game on it.  So, I played pinball for a while.  Then, that book I was talking about in the previous post, I pulled that out and began reading. 

The car was disassembled and the mechanics were sitting around doing nothing and we were sitting around doing nothing.  At 4:00, the mechanic asked Marc if he was going for the part.  Marc said  he didn't think he was since his car was not only broken but disassembled.  Welcome to Honduras.  We paid the mechanic for a new clutch and he left to go buy one.   I was laughing so hard.

The mechanic was a really good mechanic.  His sister and his son worked with him.  He was so kind and patient with both of them.  The sister's name was Heidy.  She had a great big smile on her face the whole.

Sometime about then, before or after, Marc went back to Texaco and bought us some water and a candy bar.  Yep!  It was a nutritious day yesterday.

Fortunately, this mechanic had electricity.  As darkness fell, the hooked up the lights and with a flashlight, continued to reassemble our car.

I finished the book about the time the lights came on.  These four days are about relaxing.  Not quite the picture I envisioned, but I relaxed and read my book. 

At 7:00,  Marc and I walked back to Texaco.  It was closed.  Welcome to Honduras.

About 9:45, the car was put back together and the mechanic took it on a test drive.  Marc said, "well, if the mechanic doesn't steal the car, we will be on our way soon."  My thoughts exactly. 

By 10:00ish we were on our way.  There was no Jim's Copan Pizza for supper last night.  There was no supper last night.  Restaurants and stores close very early in Honduras, even on the highway.  We drove on to Lake Yojoa, which was not a long distance.  Marc knew of a place we could stay there. 

It was a charming little place.  And, I have always wanted to stay at the lake.  We woke up to beautiful views this morning.

Once again, we headed for Copan.  It is dry season.  Much of the country is parched.  But, many places are still lush and green.  What a lovely day for a drive.

Arriving in Copan, at 12:45, we headed directly to Jim's Copan Pizza.  I think we can eat there one more time.

Thank you God, for bringing us to Copan safely.  And thank you for always providing an adventure for us.


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