Sunday, April 28, 2013

Where Are We Going For Lunch?

When my kids were little, Sunday mornings were a marathon.  By the time I fed them, dressed them, gathered Bibles and diaper bags, and got them loaded in the car, I was exhausted.  I was so thankful for the respite of Bible class as I prepared to do battle in big church.  Making them be quiet, sit down, not take communion, sing when the rest of the church did and not while the preacher was preaching usually felt like battle.  After church, we went home and ate.  I wanted to get everyone fed and down for a nap, including myself, before we started this over for Sunday night.

Rarely, did the thought of going into a restaurant with them enter my mind.  That would have been battle, round 3.  If I ever entertained the thought of us going into a restaurant for a family meal, I just had to remember the vacation in Galveston.  Or the Great Wall.  Fortunately, we drove by The Great Wall to get to church so I was reminded weekly, Marc and I do not take three little kids out to eat.  Maybe never.

As the kids grew and learned to behave better, once in a while, we would go out for lunch on Sunday.  But, at some point at time, we started eating out every Sunday after church.  Those were treasured family times.

After we moved to Columbus,  almost every Sunday, Ryan would slide in beside me just as the first song was beginning.  I am in church to worship and I love singing.  Ryan would look at me, with that great big smile, and say, "where are we going to eat lunch, Mom?"  I usually did not know at time, but I did not want him asking me during church.  Because it irritated me so, he continued to ask every Sunday.

This morning how I wish he would slide in beside me a few seconds after the first song begins and, with his great big smile, ask me where we are going for lunch.  I would smile back and say, "because its your birthday, we will go any where you want."  We might even discus the options and then join in singing again.

 Ryan, I know today you are feasting on a heavenly birthday meal.  I love you and I miss you.

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Jeanne said...

I love you, friend.