Friday, April 5, 2013

A Day With Reina

When the first of the month rolls around, (which happens frequently) I start thinking about buying the groceries.  Karen and I start thinking of anything else that needs to be done in town.  I thought I would go to town on Monday and buy groceries and the few other things that needed to be done.  The grocery list had not been made, but Dilcia gets in at 8:00 a.m. and was going to make the list and then I could leave.  The problem with that, Dilcia did not make it to work. 

When the Unimerc man came for the monthly order and it wasn't ready, I quickly worked up that order.  I decided I would do the PriceSmart list, too.  I thought I would go to town on Wednesday or Thursday. 

Due to various other things that were out of our control, like no brakes on the car, I wasn't sure when I could go. 

Nicole got home from Teleton on Monday with Reina and said Reina had to go back on Friday for a field trip.  I made arrangements with Marc to have one of the other cars on Thursday and Friday.  Then I decided Reina and I would run the errands after the field trip, thus saving one trip to town. 

Karen laughed and said by the time I rode the field trip bus, I would have some good blog material.

When I have a bunch of errands to do, I leave early and don't stop.  I usually don't eat lunch unless I grab a bag of chips.  I race through the stores.   My goal is mark things off the list and get home.  I am already thinking, taking Reina after a four hour field trip is going to take forever.  There will be many bathroom stops and there will be no racing through any where.  When Reina needs to go to the bathroom, she starts yelling, "pee-pee, pee-pee" and then she starts crying and then it is too late. 

We left here at 6:30 allowing plenty of time to be there at 8:00.  We got to Teleton at 7:40 and went to the bathroom.  I did not know the teacher and did not know where I was supposed to be.  Reina took me to the classroom and people began telling me the group had left.  I was sure I was not hearing correctly.  I was.  There was a serious miscommunication and we were supposed to be there at 7:00 and the group left at 7:30. 

I was thinking this is good for me, but Reina is going to be devastated. 

Almost nothing opens until 10:00.  Except for Wal-Mart.  We went to the mall.  I bought Reina a pastelito de pina ( pineapple fried pie) and I injected more caffeine into my body. 

We got the Wal-Mart stuff done.  And the pharmacy.  There were a few other stores in the mall from which I needed to buy something.  And, it was 10 minutes after 9:00. 

We walked around the mall.  Threw coins in the fountain.   Rode the escalator up and down.  Reina is pretty easily entertained.  At 10:00, I bought gym pants and shoes for the baby.  No trip to the mall is complete without a purchase.  I bought Reina a new shirt.  She absolutely fell in love with the 3rd one we saw. 

She carried her bag to the car and I carried everything else.

She ate her field trip snack as we drove to the hardware store.  That list was fairly long, but we accomplished it quickly.  When we got in the car, she opened her sack and showed me the shirt.

Then to PriceSmart.  The long list.  We ate first.  Pizza.  I let her refill her drink more than once.  Then to the bathroom.   I pushed the flatbed and she pushed the other basket.  Surprisingly, PriceSmart did not take too long for a Friday.  And, Reina was a good helper.  I tipped a guy very nicely to help me get it all to the car.

After we got in the car, Reina opened her bag and showed me the shirt.  Again.  And then she thanked me a couple of times.

I left PriceSmart exactly 5 hours after we left Teleton.  I was kind of thankful we missed the fieldtrip.  Shame on me.  We would have been in afternoon traffic and we might not be home yet.

She fell asleep on the way home.  In her hands, she was clutching the bag. 

We got home and Reina went to show Karen the new shirt and then she came back out to help unload. 

This was a most enjoyable day for both Reina and I.  And, as long as I kept feeding her, she didn't mind missing the field trip.


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