Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Muppets Made Me Cry

Even though I am quite mature, age-wise, I still love the muppets.  They are so funny.  As I was lounging around this morning, The Muppets were on Good Morning America.  I was laughing out loud and saying, "they still make me laugh."

But they made me cry, too.  Last week was a good Thanksgiving week.  But, I was sad frequently, too.  I was missing my son, Ryan, who lives in Heaven.  There were a lot of little things that brought him to my mind and my heart.  Those things caused me to tear up.  More than once. 

It was that way with The Muppets this morning.  When Ryan was a little guy of about two or three, he loved the muppets.  Remembering how he liked them and we laughed together, made me cry. 

I will always have days like this.  I am thankful for those memories.

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