Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving At Casa

Thanksgiving is not a holiday anywhere in Honduras except Casa de Esperanza..  We like to do Thanksgiving for ourselves, but the kids, and the staff, have sure learned to love and enjoy this American holiday.

Last week when I went to buy the Thanksgiving groceries, the kids knew why I was going to town.  When I got home, I honked the horn so someone could open the gate.  Nicole was down here in my house.  She said she heard the kids scream with excitement.  They lined up at the car and helped unload.

Usually, the kids are out of school by now, but not so this year.  Karen and I really wanted to include them in the preparations as we always have.  It made for a late evening before things were done.  I took the onions and celery and cheese into the kitchen about 2:00 yesterday.  These are tasks I do not like about Thanksgiving, but the kids were so happy to be included.

Then there was the potato peeling crew.

Haley helped with the pumpkin pies.

I let four different kids help with the cornbread for dressing.  I could have done this much faster and with much less mess, but the joy it brought the kids was worth the extra time and mess.  I usually let the older ones make the cornbread.  This year I chose some of the younger ones.  Katy came first.  She was so excited and had so much fun.  She made her cornbread and sat in the floor and watched it cook.
Jose was next.  I always make the kids wash their hands first.  Jose washed his, but he was so dirty everywhere else.  I just hoped the dirt didn't fall into the cornbread.  He had fun, too.  When his cornbread finished, he thought the two pans of baked cornbread were beautiful.  He was so proud of himself. 

Nohemy was next.  She loved every minute.  And licked the beaters clean.  Of raw cornbread.  Yuck.
It got so late that Sisi came down in her pajamas to make cornbread.

Some of the kids were in Karen's apartment making banana pudding and chocolate no bake cookies.

Again, today it was weird not having the kids around while we cooked.  The first turkey was not quite thawed and I had to surgically remove the frozen neck.  As soon as school got out, there were kids wanting to help in any way they could.

We had over 60 people here for lunch.  Most of our employees were here, even the ones that were not on duty.  The Honduras Hope employees were here.  The group from MTSU, other missionaries, and friends were also here.  We enjoyed an huge spread and wonderful fellowship.

It was a fun day, a wonderful way to celebrate my favorite holiday.  But, now it is time for bed.  I am more done than the turkey was.

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