Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October Newsletter

Making a difference, one child at a time
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Amigos de Casa,

Even here in Honduras, we are being inundated with political ads concerning the upcoming U.S. elections. I, personally, will be glad when it is over. Honduras is also preparing for elections on November 18. This election is the primary. After this election, the candidates will campaign for one year. We are happy to say, so far, this election period is very calm compared to four years ago. We pray this remains the case. I guess after the primaries are over, anything could happen.

October is a month of anniversaries. Five of the children, Cindy, Maryuri, Fernando, Katy, and Reina have been at Casa for six years. For Katy and Maryuri that is most of their lives. They probably don't remember anything but living at Casa. For the other three, they have lived here well over half of their lives. These kids have come a long, long way from those days six years ago.

Prayers for these children right now include: Fernando is in teleton. Pray that he progresses as he should. It has been suggested by the school that Katy needs to be in Teleton, possibly needing help for ADHD. We are seeking a second opinion from a pediatrician before we pursue this. Reina is also in Teleton. We are constantly evaluating her education needs. We need prayers that we make the best decision for her.






Six years later

Maryuri also is in Teleton. It has been advised that she needs to see a psychiatrist. The first appointment is scheduled later this month. Prayers are needed as we seek the proper treatment for her. Cindy is so defiant and rebellious. She cares about nothing. We are trying to decide, and praying over that decision, whether or not she needs a psychologist or what.
Another important anniversary that occurred in October is that Karen has been here seven years. Karen is a vital, important part of this ministry. She is mommy to these kids. The love and passion she has for these kids shows in everything she does. The children and the staff are blessed because she is here.  I am blessed to call her co-worker and friend.

Rosy has finished fourth grade. We will soon be receiving her grades. We are not sure when the other children are finishing. They have completed third partial exams. Grades were better for the elementary kids this time. Nohemy had one red note and no one else had any. I wish we could say the same for Pamela and Brayan.

Pamela is no longer working with Mirian. She is now working in the cafe. The other girls are taking turns helping with the babies. The ones that get to do this, think it is wonderful.

Josue and Olman continue to be sick frequently. We are quite concerned about Josue's development, or lack thereof. He, too, will soon be seeing the pediatrician for a thorough check up.

We have built two outdoor stoves, one for each house. More cooking is being done out there and we are already seeing a decrease in the amount of propane being used. While school is out, the kids will be taught how to make tortillas. The boys are having to gather and chop wood. So far, this is still fun.

As this season of thanksgiving is upon us, we are thankful that this home has been making a difference in the lives of these children for over six years. We are thankful for the opportunity we have to serve here and we are thankful for each one of you that pray for us and the children, support Casa financially and encourage us. If you have not yet decided where to give your year end donation, please prayerfully consider Casa de Esperanza.

Please feel free to share this newsletter with anyone you think is interested. If you have questions or concerns, please email me at terriltindall@yahoo.com


Terri Tindall

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