Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hidden Laundry

After raising three kids, I thought I had seen and heard everything.  But, I continue to discover I have not heard and seen everything.

The Casa kids all have chores.  Most of the time, a chore never lasts more than one week and then it is given to someone else.  Some of the kids do their chores and never complain.  Some grumble once in a while and some some complain about every chore and don't want to do them.  Ever.  And, then some are just plain lazy.

Fernando is one of the lazy ones.  He will do anything or go to any lengths to get out of a chore.  Sometimes, the chore would have taken less time and effort than what he went through to get out of it.  Everyone knows this and watches him closely.  He has been caught hiding the wet laundry because he did not want to hang it on the line.  I don't know how this was discovered or by whom, but yesterday a whole suitcase of wet laundry was found.  And, it wasn't yesterday's laundry.  It had been in the suitcase long enough that it had molded and mildewed.  Oh, the joys of raising children.

My children never had to hang the laundry on the line so I can't say that mine would have never hidden the wet laundry.  One of mine pooped in a plastic bag and hid it.

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