Thursday, November 15, 2012

Moses Moments

Most people think that just because I am a missionary, I have given everything to God.  But, I am very very human and there are still (and probably always will be) some things I want to hang onto, things of which I want control. 

Maybe God (or someone) is asking me to give more than I want to give.  Right this minute, I am fighting that.  And maybe even rebelling.  I am so like Moses in the desert when Moses said, "who am I that I should go?"  Who am I that I should be asked to give more than I am already giving.  Surely, God, you can find someone better than me.  I am not sure God is listening to me.  Am I listening to Him?

My Aaron already knows how some past Moses moments turned into a burning bush experience.  I guess we will have to wait and see and pray to find out if these Moses moments turn into another burning bush experience.

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