Sunday, November 25, 2012


Carla is  eleven years old.  We have been talking about her and her family since August.  Her mother had AIDS, which we got from being gang-raped.  The man we thought was her dad has has AIDS.  This turns out to be her stepdad.  Her dad died several years ago.  We built a house for Carla's family as a dying wish for the mother.  She wanted a nicer place for her children.  Carla's mother, Vitalina, died in October.

The stepdad is too sick to work.  Several other people have moved into the house since Carla's mother died.  Most of these people are male.  Eleven year old Carla was trying to cook and clean and do laundry for all these people.  We feared what else might happen with a house full of men.

Carla has come out here to visit and stay on two separate occasions.  She is here again.  Only this time is more permanent.  She came for the weekend last weekend.  She had to go back and finish school.  Marc talked to her stepdad about her moving out here.  He was more than for it. Marc went to get her on Friday.  She was ready and waiting.  Everything she owned was packed into her backpack.  That is sad enough.  But no one acted sad.  No one hugged her.  No one said good-bye.  No one acted like it was a big deal for her to leave.  But she is already talking about doing something for Christmas for her brothers.

She came bouncing in here as if she was Tigger.  We took her to Chili's after church.  And then shopping.  She is not sure she likes that American food.  Yet.  She will learn. 

This is a lot of change to absorb.  For all of us.  Prayers appreciated.


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