Thursday, November 21, 2013

Prayer Warriors Unite

I have a huge favor to ask of everyone that is reading this blog.  We need prayers and more prayers for Baby Josue.  He is the little twin.  He is very fragile and delicate and is always sick.  He is now in the hospital with pneumonia.  The right lung has so much fluid in it that it is almost completely closed.

Because of his fragile condition and because he is always sick, we have been seeing doctors to find out what is wrong with him.  We know he needs tubes in his ears.  There have been a lot of tests.  And more tests and more tests.  In almost every test, something is in an abnormal range. 

Yesterday was the fourth visit to the immunologist.  It was a hard day for us.  He has an immune deficiency and to determine what exactly he has, he needs more tests.  But, the problem is, these tests are not given any where in Honduras.  He also has a urinary tract infection.  That in itself is not so unusual.  But, the bacteria in his urine is a bit unusual.  It is not so uncommon if someone has been in the hospital and had a catheter.  Since he has not, until tonight, been in the hospital and certainly had no catheter, it is uncommon.  The doctor said he was quite concerned and that probably Josue had no defenses that were able to protect him from anything.

He is allergic to milk and eggs.  He was supposed to have had more allergy testing yesterday, but that could not be done because he was sick.  On December 2, he is scheduled to have a human immunoglobulin.  This procedure will take all day and he probably will have to have it done two or three times.

We started new antibiotics today to fight that infection.  Every time I went in to give medicine, I thought we was worse.  His cough was worse.  Nicole agreed with me.  She called the doctor and he said bring him back.  Matt and Nicole and Mirian left with him around 3:30.  I scrambled to get a relief person in here and Emma Kate and Haley stayed with me.

Josue has been admitted to the hospital, iv antibiotics are being administered and a chest x-ray has been done.  There is no telling what else will be done.  Pray that nothing else is found.  And pray for quick and complete healing for this little guy.


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