Monday, November 11, 2013

El Comedor Nueva Vida

Today is another great day Honduras. 

The feeding center in Buen Samaritano opened its doors.  Today 140 kids were fed lunch.  Kids that might not have otherwise been fed.  The feeding center will feed kids lunch every day Monday- Friday.  The menu will be beans and rice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, spaghetti on Tuesday, and soup on Thursday.  Due to a slight complication spaghetti was served today and beans and rice will be served Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Matt is in charge of this project and he has done an awesome getting things ready.  He has diligently worked for two weeks.  He hired 2 people.  He has found a someone from whom he can purchase wood and another person from whom he can purchase water.  The people he hired have scrubbed the feeding center clean and painted the tables.  I had the extreme privilege of going with Matt to purchase pots and cooking utensils, buckets, mops, brooms, bleach. spray bottles, scrubbers and all sorts of necessities. 
I am quite sure Matt thought of every single little detail.

Saturday, he went to the market and purchased beans and rice and other things.

This morning, Matt, and all of us were very excited about the opening of the feeding center. 

Some feeding centers only feed children of school age.  We will be feeding all children in this community.

A ton of spaghetti

A long line of hungry kids

It has definitely been another great day in Honduras.  Congratulations, Matt on a job very well done.


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