Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Olman (and Josue) will be two years old in less than 2 weeks.  They came here when they were two months old.  Olman was, and is, the bigger one, but when they came, they both were so tiny.  Olman was only 6 pounds. 

Almost immediately, we thought Josue had the sweeter personality.  All Olman did was scream and cry.  If I had been a paid employee in that house, I might have quit my job.  Olman cried when someone walked in that house.  And when someone left.  He cried if you looked at him.  And if you didn't .  Going to the doctor was a nightmare.  He screamed when we got in the car.  When we got in the elevator.  In the doctor's waiting room.  In the doctor's exam room.  He still turns and runs the other direction when a man comes near, but at least he is not screaming every time. The first few weeks in church were a screamfest.

As of late, Olman is beginning to develop a much sweeter personality.  He smiles and laughs.  Many times, when I go in at 6:00 to give medicine, he comes running to me and gives a big hug.  He allows me to give medicine.  He plays outside.  He does not like to share and can still turn on the crying and screaming.

Oh, what a joy it is to see this little personality develop.

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