Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Little Boy And A Christmas Tree

Yesterday Brayan and Fernando put up the Christmas tree in Mirian's house.  I was in there holding baby Josue when they finished.  Mirian asked Brayan to move one of the short sofas in front of the tree.  Brayan angled it across, hoping this would keep Olman away from the tree.

Olman immediately squeezed back there and came running back with an ornament.  Thankfully, they are plastic as he bounced it across the floor and went running after it.

Later, when I was in there to give medicine all the furniture had been rearranged. The Christmas tree was boxed in with 2 sofas. 

This morning when I went to give medicine, Olman was trying to climb over the top of the sofa to get to the tree.  He was really quite cute in his pajamas, smiling, and trying with all his might to get to that tree.  Mirian and I both laughed. 

It is a long time until Christmas to keep him away from that tree.  But imagine his joy on Christmas morning.  Won't that be fun?

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