Friday, November 8, 2013

A Walk

This morning some of the kids did not have school.  After I took the ones that did, I assessed the situation of who was with me this morning.  Mirian generally does not allow to her kids to play out of a morning.  So we could play or we could do something a bit different and go on a walk.  I asked the kids and they wanted to go on a walk.

They asked if we were going to the park and I said maybe.  But I turned as if we were.  We took the long route to the park.  As we crossed some water, the observant one, Rosy, saw a little tiny frog in the water.  We stopped and watched that little frog for a while.  Then, we went up by the rose garden.  We stood and looked at that for a while.  Our eyes and our noses were delighted with what we saw and smelled. 

I then chose a path I had never taken before.  We walked a ways and found ourselves looking down on a small waterfall.  The kids wanted to go further down.  I would have been ok with that, if my knee had been wrapped.  I didn't want to get down there and not be able to get back up. 

We walked in the back of the park.  I told them we were staying 20 minutes.  We stayed 30.  No one asked to stay longer, I just decided.  Everyone was having so much fun and I was enjoying just sitting and listening to the wind rustle through the pines.  Everyone played well together and I allowed them to do some things I normally would not do when the whole group is along.  The reckless one, Katy, made me nervous on more than one occasion.  She is just about as resilient as she is reckless, so all was well.

As we walked back, we stopped and threw rocks into the water. 

Sometimes it is fun for the kids to go to the park in a smaller group and sometimes, it is kind of nice for the adult, too. 

I did not get up in time to do my workout this morning, but I still managed to get a good hill workout.

I am thankful for those special moments this morning.

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