Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Hurricane and An Earthquake

From birth, Haley was curious and independent.  Her very first words were "I can do it myself."  Because she is so curious, so is checking out many things.  When she is at my house, often say it looks like a hurricane hit.  Hurricane Haley.

Emma, on the other hand, was very placid and loved to be held and coddled. We obliged her because we never got to coddle Haley much.  That is Emma was placid until she found the freedom of walking.  She goes around pulling things out of shelves and off of anything in her reach.  We keep doors closed and move things when she is here.  When someone says No, Emma, she begins to shake her head at them.  She is no where near two years old.  Because she keeps things shaking and rumbling, I have nicknamed her Earthquake Emma. 

Last night was date night for Matt and Nicole.  Grammy willingly said she would keep the girls.  Haley spent the night.  Emma did not.  Haley and I always have popcorn when she is here.  Marc fixed Emma a scrambled egg.  She did eat some of it, but she managed to get it everywhere.  Then she reached in the popcorn bowl and grabbed some popcorn.  I think she is too little for popcorn, but she quickly put in her mouth.  And, she loved it.  She would get some popcorn and take off running as fast as she could.  She went to the other side of the house and ate it. 

When I got the Earthquake to bed, the tremors subsided immensely.  By that time, the Hurricane was wearing herself out.  After, Haley went to bed, I began to pick up.  I put stuff away and put stuff away.  When Nicole came for Emma, she looked around and laughed.  All I could say was you can't believe how much stuff I have already put away.

My house my have looked like a hurricane and an earthquake hit, but I would not trade those special moments for anything.  

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