Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Zip Line, A Broken Wrist, And Tonsilitis

Jackson is a very creative soul.  I am always amazed at his creations and inventions. 

Yesterday, he and Brayan made a zip line between two trees.  I must admit, it was pretty clever.

 (These were taken after the accident)

Clever, but not too intelligent, since there were no ropes or harnesses.  I was not there, so I do not know exactly what happened.  But one can pretty well imagine given the fact that there were no ropes or harnesses. 

Matt took him to the hospital in Ojojona and they said he needs surgery and you need to go to Tegucigalpa.  Matt took him on in.  Nicole called the doctor before Matt got there and we were able to bypass the emergency room. 

I was sure Jackson would be hospitalized and I said this is going to cost a fortune.  Nicole thought that was not very nice of me.  She said,"Mom, he has to have the surgery."  I knew that.  I was not worried about that.  I was worried about what it would cost us to replace the remote, the tv, the air conditioner and everything else after he disassembled everything.  He will be an engineer some day I am sure.  Nicole said he will only have one hand.  Maybe he can't disassemble everything. 

The doctor decided to do the surgery this morning at 7:30.  Nicole and Jackson left here at 5:30.  He is now pinned and casted and not too much pain. 

When I walked in the back door this morning, Dilcia met me and said Maryuri had a high fever.  She did. 104.  I gave her some novalgina and we got the fever down, but she still felt horrible and was complaining of a tremendous headache.  About 10:00 I sent her and an employee to the doctor in Ojojona.  Maryuri has a very severe case of tonsilitis.  I know she feels awful, but she is milking this for all it is worth.  And, then some. 

Oh, what an exciting life we live with 23 kids here.

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