Thursday, November 14, 2013

More From The Feeding Center

We are so excited about this new feeding center that we can't stop talking about it.

Monday, the first day, 140 kids were served, 180 plates, but 140 kids.  Some of the kids got seconds.  Each day the number of kids served has grown.  Today, 190 kids were served.  There wasn't quite enough food, but everyone made it work.

The two ladies that Matt hired to work in the feeding center are poor.  Very poor.  And, even though, they now have jobs, they are still poor.  When one realized that not everyone would get cheese, she went home and got cheese from her house.  Of course, Matt offered to pay her and she said no.  Both of the ladies are taking ownership and this was one way she could help.  I cried after Matt told me this.  Out of her poverty, she gave everything she had so all of the children could have cheese.

Another lady has six kids.  She also knows Matt can only pay two people.  She comes and helps serve the children every day because she is so grateful that her kids are eating.

I think there will be many lessons that can be learned from this new feeding center.  I am praising God daily that these kids are getting to eat.

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