Sunday, November 10, 2013

Political Shenanigans

In Honduras, election day is two weeks from today.  There are rallies and all sorts of stuff going on.  The rallies are sometimes quite loud and I don't mind that too much as long as streets are blocked to allow the rallies to take place. 

Rallies are one thing, but some of the other things that are going on, are a bit too much.  Not that I have any control over any of it.  A person I know is poor, as are most people in Honduras.  She was needing help getting electricity.  This is a much different process here than in the States.  A person has to buy their poles and everything and then be hooked up.  This person went to the city and asked if they could help her get her electricity.  Since the mayor is running for re-election, of course he could help her.  After she received her electricity, and while she was at work, someone came and put a red flag on her house.  Red is the color of the liberal party and the part to which the mayor belongs.  She was not happy.  But, she does not want to remove the flag for fear that her electricity will also be removed.

Then someone representing the national party (the blue party) came giving an item away.  She really wanted this item, but they said she could only have it if she signed an agreement to vote for the blue party and removed the red flag.  She would not sign the agreement and is afraid to move the red flag so she did not receive the item.  She said she did not want anyone to know how she was voting and did not want any flag on her house.

I really don't like anyone being intimidated.  And, I sure have a different opinion of all those flags flying over people's houses.

The other night we were at at a Christian concert.  During the prayer, the person praying prayed for a certain candidate to win the presidential election.  The whole crowd booed.  The venue wasn't really appropriate to introduce politics or the person praying's  political opinion.

Today Nicole went to a mandatory meeting at the high school.  There was a presentation of the new entrance to the school, provided by none other than the mayor.  So this required meeting became a political rally for the red party. 

I cannot vote here.  I am a US citizen, something of which I am very proud.  And, I stay at Casa de Esperanza most of the time and don't really know what is going on if it is not happening on this property.  These are just a very few instances of which I am aware.  I cannot imagine the full scope of intimidation and bribery that is taking place by all the parties. 

More rallies, more intimidation and more bribery and no telling what else will occur in the next two weeks.  Be sure of it.

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