Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dedication Of The Darryl Jinkerson Memorial Mission House

Years ago, while living in Columbus, we came to know the Jinkersons from Starkville.  At some point in time, all of their kids came to Honduras with us.  Eventually,  Sylvia and Perry did too.  Then we moved to O'Fallon, Illinois.  The first Sunday we were there, we went to church at Fairview Heights.  We met Lee and Laverne Jinkerson, Perry's mom and dad.  And, we became friends with more Jinkersons. 

Right before we moved to Honduras, Mr. Lee died.  During that time, we met more Jinkersons.  We decided that in the summer of 2008, a memory house for Mr. Lee would be built.  Mrs. Laverne, Perry and Sylvia, Darryl and Richard and some of their kids came to Honduras that summer to build the memory house.  At the time, we got to know Darryl better and became fast friends.

Darryl was teaching business at Abilene Christian University.  He had a passion for Honduras.  Even though he taught business, he often taught his students to give.  To give their time, as well as their money.

In October of 2012, Darryl suddenly and unexpectedly died.  I just could not believe it.  Shortly after that, we began our long-in-the-dreaming-and-planning mission house.  We could not think of a better way to honor our friend than to build the mission house in his honor.  Marc talked to Cindy and she thought it was fitting. 

Cindy, Mrs. Laverne, Amanda, Perry and Sylvia, and Phil Vardiman, another professor at ACU and one of Darryl's best friends are all here this week.

I started crying when I saw Cindy.  And have cried many times since. 

Tuesday the family built a memory house for Darryl and that night we formally dedicated the mission house.  True to form, I cried some more.  It was very short, sweet, and simple.   After the mission house is completely finished, we will place a plaque on the gate.

After the dedication and prayer, we celebrated with cake.

 Marc, Cindy, Sylvia, Perry, and Amanda.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Laverne was very ill.

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