Saturday, July 6, 2013

Clinics, Carnivals and Bicycles

This week most of the group is from Childress, Texas.  They built six houses, among other things.  There are three doctors and one dentist in this group.  By the time they leave on Monday, there will have been three clinics in three different villages.  Hundreds of poor people needing medical and dental care will have been served. 

Yesterday was a different kind of day.  The group held a carnival for the kids that go to school at AFE.  The parents of these children work in the dump.  These children have no extras and the carnival was great fun.  There were several games.  The children earned tickets with which to they could buy prizes.  Among the prizes was pizza.  Also, included in the prizes were underwear, blankets, and sheets.  When you think of the toys that were available to buy with the tickets, it is pretty sad to think about the underwear, blankets and sheets were the first prizes to be purchased.  One little one bought a blanket for his brother.  One little girl bought a piece of pizza.  And then she came back to buy another piece of pizza.  But this time, she gave it to the cafeteria worker at the school.  And a little child shall lead them.  Or lead us.  These children do not have anything and, yet, they were willing to share with someone, who in their eyes, had less than them.

Recently, three more of Heidy, Melissa, and Lizeth's relatives have come to live with them.  These children are 8, 10, and 12 and were living in a very unhealthy situation.  Their mother is in Mexico and is not very motherly. 

Antonio is 8.  Yesterday was his birthday.  He had said he wanted a bicycle more than anything in the world.  The group decided to buy bicycles for all three of the kids and for Jose Carlos as well. 

The bicycles were placed in the dining hall.  Antonio was brought inside.  The whole group started singing happy birthday.  Antonio was in Marc's arms, with a big smile on his face.

All he would have had to do is turn his head slightly and he would have seen the bicycle.  But, he was enjoying the singing so much, he never looked at the bicycle.  At the end of the song, Marc turned and showed him the bicycle.  We only thought he had a big smile during the singing. 

And then, little Cindy, the 10-year old was shown her new bicycle.   More smiles.

Gaby was also very happy with her bicycle.  Antonio and Cindy got on their bikes and took off.  It was fun to see. 

It has been another great week in Honduras.

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